Branding and Marketing Insights

Social media is changing the traditional marketing operations significantly. Due to this fact, big corporations are suffering and Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB’s) are still understanding and learning this ever changing world of digital marketing.

If you are not doing anything digital, you will go out of business eventually if not immediately. Most businesses today are not taking advantage of the current state of digital stage.


We get know from big organizations and SMB's how a lot of cash is lost without seeing any increase in benefits, even big organizations are losing a lot of cash and don't see any improvement, mainly because of the fact that they are so focused around sales, and not on developing their Brand.

Branding and Marketing go together, and require some serious energy and strategy. There are such a large number of small brands entering the stage and working up a close association with their customers, these companies will still be standing while the big organisations fall.

So, below are some of branding and marketing rules that companies must follow to survive and grow?

  • Concentrate on your brand

    A brand is a story and not a name. That story is perception of close association with your customers.

    All companies must answer these simple questions: why do I want to be in this particular market? Who is my customer? What are my products?

    What are our core values? What we do and will not do, what does our customer service looks like, who are our team members.

  • Form a close association

    Let your customers see your strengths and weaknesses, a company is not a machine. Your customers just want to know there are real people on the other side of the email, and real images on your website and your social media, and not stock images, create videos of your team giving tips and speaking passionately about why they do what they do.

  • Engaging content

    The best way to gain more customers and grab an identity is by creating professional and engaging content that answers your customers every question. If your customers are young, use Instagram, create visually appealing images and less text.

  • Don’t try to sell

    Customers can smell a salesman from afar, they are smart. Therefore, give them value and don’t ask for a return. They will be grateful.

  • Use multiple ads

    People are creating one ad for everyone, which is not the case on digital platforms. Test different ads with different creatives targeting at different audiences, no one knows what really works, so test and learn.

  • Advertise

    Use all relevant platform, Twitter Facebook LinkedIn, if your potential customer is there, you should be there.

  • Reply to comments on social

    Keep track of all comments. Take the time to answer each one of your followers in a professional manner.

    These are some of the insights, there are many more, of course. People are more concerned with time than before. They don’t click on banners like they used to. They send more text messages and talk less on the phone. All of that should be taken into account when building your branding and marketing strategy.